Restricted Class Topics

RetBranche Academy classes cover a wide variety of topics related to Business, creativity, the arts, design, freelance, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and productivity.
There’s a lot of room for unique and specific skills and expression within these fields, but some topics are off-limits on RetBranche Academy.

The following class topics are not permitted on RetBranche Academy :

Classes focused on amassing fast followers (social media bot )
Classes that show students how to resell existing products such as multi-level marketing (MLM)
Classes about medical content or that are related to the medical field (e.g., holistic medicine, dieting, weight management)
Classes that focus on or consistently reference any of the following: religion, spirituality, politics
Classes that focus on pet care (e.g., grooming, training)
If you have any questions about your class topic, email us at [email protected]
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